Sep 4, 2012

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Tutorial: How to use supercard dstwo card  4,647 views

Tutorial:  How to use supercard dstwo card

This tutorial will tell you what you should do when you receive the supercard dstwo card from us.

At first, you need to know all the dstwo cards we send will be preflashed and working great on the latest DSi and 3DS firmware. so you dont need to use a DS Lite to update it, when you receive it, just use it. Here are the steps.

Step1: You should get a Micro sd card, doesn’t what size do you have, because DStwo can support SDHC, so you can use 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G or even more. Suggest you format your sd card if it is the first time you use this card on DStwo. remember to backup everything before you do the format.

Step2: Download the latest Supercard DStwo EOS. you can always download the latest version from official site here And currently the latest EOS is V1.11, just download it, extract it and you will see a folder called  “_dstwo” and another file called “ds2boot.dat”, just put the folder and the file in the root of your sd card.

Step3:  also put some games in your sd card,  you can create some new folders in the sd card and then put the different games in different folders.

Step4:  Insert the dstwo with sd card into your DS/DSi/3DS console. Turn on and enjoy your games.

As always, if you have any questions about it, just feel free to use the contact form to find me, i will reply back as soon as i can.  If you want to buy a preflashed dstwo, just click the pic below to order it from us.

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