Sep 15, 2012

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Tutorial: How To Use the R4i Gold 3ds Card Cheat Feature  34,646 views

Tutorial: How To Use the R4i Gold 3ds Card Cheat Feature

As we know that R4i gold 3ds from has the built-in cheat feature, so in this post, i will tell you guys how to activate the cheat feature for r4i gold 3ds card.

You should know how to put the wood firmware and your games in the sd card, here is the guide: Tutorial: How to use the R4i gold 3ds card for your 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi and DSL    After this step you are ready to access the wood menu and play games.

Power on your DS console and you will see

r4i gold 3ds cheat

Just click the RAFA NADAL icon and access the wood UI, find the game iocns

r4i 3ds cheat feaure

Step2: Activate the cheat feature for  r4i gold 3ds card.  Click Start button or just press start button on your 3DS,  the menu will pop up.

r4i gold 3ds cheat guide

Click setting

r4i 3ds cheat

Use the L/R buttonon the 3DS to move to patches option

r4i gold 3ds

Look at the pic above, there is a option named cheat in game, it shows “Off” now, so we just change it to “On”

r4i gold guide

Click OK to save the change. card Go back to the game list

r4i gild 3ds menu

Just move to the game which you want to cheat. Press X button, cheat for  this game option will be shown

r4i cheat menu

Just click cheats and you will se different cheat options for this game

gold 3ds menu

The first option, must be on, choose it, the other choose the cheats as you want. as you can see, i choose the always big mario option

r4i 3ds cheat


As always,  any questions, pls contact us through contact form, and if you want to buy the r4i gold 3ds card, just go to our store. thanks.

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