Feb 28, 2015

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How to play 3ds games on 3ds V4.1-V9.2 with gateway 3ds ultra V3.0.4  27,273 views

This is a step by step gateway 3ds user guide for you to use this card for playing 3ds games on your 3ds V4.1-V9.2 firmware. Currently gateway 3ds card is working on all 3ds V4.1-V9.2 firmware for playing 3ds games with the guide below.

Currently gateway 3ds is the best card for playing 3ds games, if your 3ds firmware is V4.1-V9.2, this is the only card we recommend. check this card on our online store below.

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things required

  1. 3ds console (firmware must be V4.1-V9.2). not support new 3ds or new 3ds xl
  2. SD card  (usually comes with the 3ds console, put on the left side of the 3ds console)

Step 1  Putting lanucher file in the sd card

download the latest gateway 3ds firmware from here: ultra V3.0.4

gateway ultra V3.0.4

extra it


open the gw ultra V3.0.4 folder to get the lanuch file


format your sd card and then copy and paste this launcher.dat into the root of the sd card.and then put the sd card back to the left side of 3ds console.

Step 2  Access gateway 3ds mode

Power on your 3ds console. set up wifi connect. only set up one wifi connect but do not update the system firmware. you can turn off the wifi (just push the wireless button on 3ds)after you finish the set up.

Click the internet browser button

3ds main menu

click url button

3ds internet browser

turn on the wifi (push the wireless button on 3ds)

trun on wireless

type the address"http://go.gateway-3ds.com" and click confirm button

gateway 3ds boot site

  type site url

the screen will be flashing and then access to the gateway 3ds mode.

if you see the pic below. means you have accessed the gateway 3ds mode successfully.

gateway 3ds mode menu

Step 3  Playing 3ds games with gateway 3ds red card

After you booted into the gateway 3ds successfully. just put the 3ds roms in the micro sd card, insert the micro sd card into the gateway 3ds red card and put the red card into 3ds console.

Press A to go to the next step

the screen will turn black and then restart, you will see the main screen

3ds home menu

Click Select to show the game list

3ds rom list

Just choose one game and click A

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