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Cheap Ace3ds Flashcart For DS DSi 3DS

Cheap Ace3ds Flashcart For DS DSi 3DS

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Notice: We have stopped selling this flashcard because ace3ds team has released the new updated version of this card--Ace3ds Plus. If you buy this card, we will send you the ace3ds Plus instead.


News: Ace3DS New Firmware V1.22 Released


We are the Ace3ds USA official reseller. All the Ace3ds cards we send out are real, no fake cards.


3DS Firmware has been updated to V4.1.0-8. Ace3ds flashcart  is still working great on it. Video


 Ace3ds update patch for DSi V1.44 and 3SD V4.0.0-7 released!


DSi Firmware has been updated to V1.44. Ace3ds flashcart  is still working great on it.


Free shipping, based in the United States sent by USPS, arrive in your house in about 3 days.


Test before shipping out, we can make sure you can receive the working ace3ds for your DS/DSi/3DS.


Pre-flashed, no need to update by yourself! Working great on the DSi V1.44 and 3DS V4.1.0-8.


3 Months Warranty, 1-Month Money Back Guaranteed!


Ace3DS Introduction

If you want to find a cheap 3DS flashcard only for playing DS games or homebrews, this card is your best choose. As far as we know, this card is the cheapest 3DS flashcart in the market. This card is working great on DSD/DSi/3DS with any firmware. The Ace3ds flashcard update the firmware very regularly to support more games, and it is a very easy budget card. We have tested this card for many times, it is working great on DSi V1.43 and 3DS V3.0.0-6 without any problem.


Ace3ds Card Firmware

You can download the latest ace3ds firmware from here: Ace3DS V1.22


Ace3ds Official Features

Built in moonshell 2.10 beta, brower,EMAIL and E-books software supporting
Adopts latest mochip to enlarge standby time
Built in RTG Function to boot slot-2 perfectly
Supports Nintendo 3DS V 3.0.0-6(J,E,U) and DSi V1.4.3
Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G)
2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
Flush fitting slot 1 card
Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
Built in NoPass
Automatically detect save type
Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
Supports Moonshell and other homebrew
User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
Supports the WIFI game, DS Rumble pack, DS Browser
Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
Support Skin DIY
Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
Supports the Soft Reset
Supports Action Replay cheat
DLDI auto-patching


How to use Ace3ds flashcard

You need to get a SD card at first, when you receive this card, just download the latest ace3ds firmware Ace3ds V1.21  Extract it and put all the files in the root of your sd card, put some game roms in your sd card. Insert the SD card and your Ace3ds card into your console and power on, enjoy your games.


How to update Ace3ds flashcard for DSi V1.44 and 3DS V4.1.0-8


Ace3ds Flashcard Package Content

1X Ace3ds Card
1X USB Card Reader



We ship out orders everyday except weekend or holiday. Orders put during weekend will be sent out on Monday.

Based in USA. We ship out all the items from Ca.USA by USPS First Class Mail. Arrive in your place in 2-4 days.

We have tested every card as soon as we received them from the official supplier. You can always receive the working cards.


Ca 92509
United States

Currently, we can only accept Visa credit card payment. More payment method is coming soon!

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by Kim
Date Added: 05/18/2012
This is my third time buy from here, Great customer service is why i always try to buy from here.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Skellinator
Date Added: 05/11/2012
Super fast delivery, I ordered on Friday and it was here on Monday. Not only fast shipping, but FREE shipping too. This card was all ready to play on my 3ds. Dan was extremely helpful with all of my noob questions too. I highly recommend this shop to anyone in need of flashcards.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)