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Gateway 3DS Flashcart Play 3DS Games On 3DS XL And 3DS Console

Gateway 3DS Flashcart Play 3DS Games On 3DS XL And 3DS Console

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As long as your 3ds xl/3ds/2ds firmware is on V4.1-V9.2, you can use gateway 3ds for playing download 3ds roms on your console, easy and simple.

GATEWAY ULTRA v3.5.1 released ,fixed loading issues for CIA based games, classic mode .Download the latest ultra from here : Download GATEWAY ULTRA v3.5.1

Gateway team released the Gateway ULTRA 3.4.1 today : another quick emunand update for Old 3DS! This release will bring back support for latest 10.1 emunand system firmware for Old 3DS. (2015-09-17)

Today the GATEWAY ULTRA v3.4 PUBLIC BETA is available to download , the new Gateway Ultra fixed new antipiracy check and improved firmware spoofing  .(2015-08-10)

Today gateway 3ds has released the new firmware V3.3, download here: gateway ultra V3.3

How to use Gateway 3ds GW_Ultra_3.2.2 to play 3ds games

All our gateway 3ds flashcart has been pre-flashed/updated to the latest firmware ultra V3.04. You don't need to update it when you receive it.

If your console is New 3ds xl or New 3ds console, currently gateway 3ds can not work on it,  they are working hard and will support it in the next firmware update. Currently sky3ds can play 3ds games on your new 3ds and new 3ds xl.

Gateway 3ds ultra V3.2.2 released: download


Today we present GATEWAY ULTRA 3.2.2 !This is just a quick update for Old 3DS Emunand, bringing support for the latest 9.8 system firmware.

Download the GATEWAY ULTRA 3.2.2 from here : GATEWAY ULTRA 3.2.2 (2015.06.05) 

Pls note : Gateway 3ds CAN NOT work on 3DS V9.8.0-25 , It only work on 3DS V4.1-V9.2

Gateway 3ds GW_ULTRA_3.2 PUBLIC BETA Released,support system firmware V9.2 or below version now, latest EMUNAND support for old 3DS (currently version 9.7),.Playing 3ds games on Any V4.1-V9.2 3ds xl,3ds,2ds! (2015.4.21)

Gateway 3ds GW_Ultra_3.0 Step by Step User Guide

How to use gateway 3ds to work on V4.6-V9.2 3ds firmware with GW_Ultra_3.0

How to use gateway 3ds to work on V4.1-V4.5 3ds firmware with gateway omega V2.7

Gateway 3ds News

1. gateway 3ds new firmware released OMEGA V2.7, support emunand V2.7

2.  3ds new firmware V9.3.0-21 released, do not update your 3ds console to this firmware because gateway 3ds won't support V9.3 but will support V9.2 or below.

3. Gateway 3ds today released a video about playing 3ds games on the new 3ds console V9.2.0-20. So we can expect the next firmware will support the 3ds V9.2.0-20. (2014.12.2)

4.Good news: gateway 3ds official site today has released the news that gateway 3ds card will support V9.2.02-0 soon.   (2014.11.14)

5. Gateway 3ds firmware has been updated to V2.6 today, download: gateway 3ds OMEGA V2.6 (2014.11.04)

6. gateway 3ds Today gateway 3ds firmware has been updated to V2.5, the emunand feature is coming back, you can emunand to V9.2.0-20 on your 3ds V4.1 to V4.5, check the guide here(this is the guide with V2.4b, but the method is the same, you just replace the V2.4b to V2.5 firmware will fine.) how to emunand to V9.0.0-20 with gateway 3ds V2.4b firmware

and also the guide to use gateway 3ds  omega V2.4b to play the latest 3ds game super smash bros, check the step by step guide here (this is the guide with 2.4b, the method is the same, you just replace the V2.5 will be fine): how to use gateway 3ds OMEGA V2.4b to play super smash bros and other 3ds games

We have received the new stock from the gateway 3ds official team, will send out the package asap

Today the gateway 3ds card OMEGA firmware has been updated to V2.3b, all the gateway 3ds card has benn updated to support the latest firmware V2.3b OMEGA

Notice: currently gateway 3ds is only working with V4.1 to V4.5 3ds or 3ds xl for playing 3ds games.

gateway 3ds news

Gateway 3ds new firmware V2.2 is officially released. download: gateway 3ds V2.3b OMEGA

gateway 3ds tutorials

Tutorial: How to use gateway 3ds to emunand your 3ds system to V8.1 offline with rom

Tutorial: How to set up gateway 3ds to play 3ds game save files

Tutorial: How to set up gateway 3ds to dump 3ds roms from real 3ds game cartridge

Tutorial: How to set up gateway 3ds card Format emuNAND feature to play eshop games

Tutorial: How to backup your 3ds console NAND system file with gateway 3ds card

Why buy gateway 3ds from us

  1. First: USA official reseller, Based in USA, faster shipping. USA customers can receive the order in about 2-5 days with usps service. customers outside USA can receive the order in about 10-15 days.  All the orders will include a trakcing number!
  2. Second: Tested and Updated flash cart for you. All the gateway 3ds cards we send out have been tested, so you can always receive the working cart. 
  3. Third: No Fake cards, We are the gateway 3ds USA official reseller.  We only sell the real gateway 3ds card from gateway official team.
  4. Fourth: We value our customers and always want to priovide the best customer service, reply your emails quickly, solve the card problem for you, any questions about your order, feel free to contact me at any time.

Gateway 3ds official features

    Multi-rom support
    In Menu OSD title selection
    exFat & Fat32 support
    NAND based rom support
    Game cart backup
    On board diagnostics
    Clean Boot region free system
    Back up system Nand
    Works on 3DS & 3DS XL (Firmware 4.1-4.5)

gateway 3ds requirements

Two micro sd cards. one is using with gateway 3ds blue flashcart to play ds games. can be any size from 2g to 32g.  the other one is using with gateway 3ds red card to play 3ds games, should be at least 16g because the max size a 3DS ROM can be is 8 GBs. if you don't have them, feel free to add them on the shopping cart.

One SD Card.   Should be at least 2G.  All 3ds console comes with a  2g/4g sd card.  this card will be used to save the game saves and also store the gateway 3ds required “launcher.dat” file.

Micro SD card reader and SD card reader.  you need to get a micro sd card and a sd card reader to put the files on your micro sd card and sd card.

gateway 3ds description

gateway 3ds flashcart is word's first flashcart to play 3ds games on your 3ds or 3ds xl.  it has been confirmed that gateway 3ds card currently can work great on the 3ds/3ds xl V4.5 

gateway 3ds Pros

Easy set up and use

Ability to back-up save files

Can play online

Works with most games

Local multiplayer works

region free  (with gateway 3ds new firmware V1.1a)

Firmware spoofing (with gateway 3ds new firmware V1.1a)

gateway 3ds Cons

Can only work on 3DS V4.5  or lower version

No automatic saving, requires you to quit game to home menu.

gateway 3ds package contents

one blue gateway 3ds flashcart

one red gateway 3ds flashcart

We ship out orders everyday except weekend or holiday. Orders put during weekend will be sent out on Monday.

Based in USA. We ship out all the items from Ca.USA by USPS First Class Mail. Arrive in your place in 2-4 days.

We have tested every card as soon as we received them from the official supplier. You can always receive the working cards.


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United States

Currently, we can only accept Visa credit card payment. More payment method is coming soon!

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by Joan
Date Added: 02/16/2017
Authentic card, fast shipping from USA, very good reseller. Eric is a very good guy and help me a lot.

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by Maui
Date Added: 09/26/2014
my gateway 3ds card arrived in good condition: recommend all of my friends to buy from them again!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by nathan
Date Added: 06/02/2014
Hi Steven, Just wanted to let you know that the Gateway works even better than I even expected. Many thanks!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Julio
Date Added: 05/31/2014
Steve, I got my 3DS Gateway card. It's awesome! Thank you so much for your help.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Cameron
Date Added: 05/31/2014
Hi Steven Just wanted to let you know I got the package and everything works great! I'm really thrilled that it works and that I received the right item in a fair amount of time. Thanks for all your help I will definitely recommend your site to my friends. Thanks a lot!

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