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r4i gold 3ds card play ds games problem game icons show question mark

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This guide is for playing ds games including pokemon black 2 and other games with r4i gold 3ds card, if you also want to play those games with a r4 card, just buy it from our store here: r4i gold 3ds


At first, here is the problem, when i put some ds games on the sd card and play them with r4i gold 3ds card. i have this problem, some games icons are shown as a question mark, and when i click them, nothing happens. take a look at the problem below.


As you can see, i have put the wood firmware and some ds games on the root of the sd card.





r4i gold question mark


At first, i thought it was the game roms problem, but when i test those games with another r4 card, they are working great, then i tried to format my sd card for a few times and always get this question mark problem, and none of them are clickable.


Then i changed the sd card from 2g to a 26g sd card. and do the same steps, all problems have been solved. all games working like charm


r4i gold question mark


r4i gold question mark


So if you also have the similar problem on your r4i gold 3ds card or other r4 cards, i would recommend you format your sd card first and then change another sd card if still can not solve.


By the way, you just need to put the clean roms on the sd card. no need to patch the games.


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