Which Card For Me

We always recommend customers choose either r4i gold 3ds or dstwo card.  r4i gold 3ds card is always the first choice, it has very good game compatibility, you can play all the ds games with this card, and it has nearly 100% game compatibility, this card also update regularly to support the new games.  r4i gold 3ds also has some advanced features, such as real time save, cheat support, sdhc support, play online, change skin...more importantly, r4i gold 3ds can always be updated to support the latest 3ds firmware, when the new 3ds firmware comes out, it always blocks flashcarts, r4i gold 3ds has been confirmed can always working on it in short time, other cards could be blocked or release the update very slow. For the dstwo card, if you want a featured flashcart, if you want some advanced features such as real time cheat, slow motion, play gba games, and also don't care about the high price, you can choose dstwo card.


1. Which card can let me play 3DS roms?  currently only gateway 3ds card can play 3ds games, but gateway 3ds can only work on 3ds V4.1-V4.5 version sytem.  if you have updated your 3ds console, you can not use the gateway 3ds.  Another, you can not play online with gateway 3ds card.


2.The best flashcard: Supercart DStwo,  dstwo is the best card because dstwo has more features than other cards, such as real time cheat, real time save, ral time guide, slow motion, play gba games, but the dstwo price is also very high. if you only want to play ds games and enjoy the normal features, we recommend you buy r4i gold 3ds.


3. The cheapest flashcart: Ace3ds Plus,ace3ds plus is the cheapest flashcart, this card only have some basic features, more importantly, this card usually don't update quickly for the new 3ds firmware, which means when the new 3ds firmware blocks the ace3ds plus card, this card can not work any more, so you have a risk of buying another one.  recommend you buy r4i gold 3ds card instead.


4. Budget flashcarts: R4i gold 3ds card


5. If you want to play SNES and GBA games, want real time saves, get a DStwo


6. If you only intend to play DS games, R4i gold 3ds is a popular choose for you.


7. The supercard DStwo has better game compability than AKAIO, AKAIO has better compatibility than Wood R4 at times, Wood R4 updated more regularly than other cards.


8. Why don't we sell M3i Zero, becuase if a flashcart stops getting updates for a long time, it is not worth purchasing and selling.


9. I am a new user, i am a newbie, the card is for a 7 year old girl, Which card would you recommend? R4i gold 3ds card.


10. If you just want to play games and do basic homebrew,go for the r4i gold 3ds card.


11. If you want to buy the cards we don't recommend, such as M3i Zero, DSTTi, iSmart MM... Please contact us, we also can get them for you in a better price.


If you still can not make a choose, feel free to tell us what kind of flashcard do you want, we will give you our advice.